Kindergarten Prague 2

In a nutshell

  • Kindergarten for children from 2 to 7 years
  • Opening hours Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Qualified team of teachers
  • Unique educational programme Colourful World
  • Support and development of children’s talents
  • English as a regular part of daily activities
  • Variety of music, art, and physical activities
  • Encouragement of natural curiosity and the joy of discovery
  • Courses: Creative, Sports, Flute, English with our native speaker
Eda čte jesle a školka EduArt

Our premises

The kindergarten found its home in a recently renovated building in Prague’s Vinohrady district. Children will find an environment that is rich in stimuli, but not overwhelming. We always begin with the idea that the “richness” of a place is not related to quantity, but to quality.

The functional space is cleverly divided into five zones for interactive play, leisure, physical activity, dining, and relaxation. To make it even more enjoyable for the children, we have brought in a piece of nature in the form of natural materials and flowers.

The kindergarten is equipped with tools that develop children’s intellectual and motor skills. All toys are made of wood or certified plastic, and we use Montessori tools to stimulate children’s curiosity.



“We value partnership approach to children, but also to us. In all the situations we have encountered so far, we have experienced open and direct communication, which we value very much.”

                                                            mother Saša

“Thank you very much for everything – EduArt was the best choice and we are happy that it keeps confirming this for us. We greatly appreciate the attitude and kindness of the teachers. It is known that our children look forward to kindergarten because of them, they have confidence in them and they like them very much. We really appreciate theater visits. We are excited about sleepovers in kindergarten, which our children often remember. We would like to thank you very much for your empathetic approach to the children, we often discuss a specific situation with the teachers, and it is clear from them that they really care about the children having the best possible time. We appreciate that when we solve anything at home, the teachers try to make us agree, which is a signal to us that our children are in good hands.”

                                                          maminka  Lucie



“We love the staff & feel that our daughter enjoys her time at EduArt. We love events you organize, the amount of attention to details is noticeable.”

                                                                                                 mother Kiki

Price list

Monthly costs, excluding meals.

Valid from September 2024

Half-day (until 1 p.m.)
Standard (until 3:30 p.m.)
Complete (until 5:30 p.m.)
5 days/week
CZK 14 000
CZK 16 000
CZK 18 000
4 days/week
CZK 12 500
CZK 14 500
CZK 16 500
3 days/week
CZK 11 000
CZK 13 000
CZK 16 000


All day: CZK 135/day
Half-day: CZK 115/day

Our team

Veronika Maukšová


Deputy Director

Since childhood, I was certain about what I wanted to do with my life. I studied pedagogy in high school and later went to university. I have experience educating children of all ages, but I decided to work in a place where it all begins.I can't think of a better job than teaching young children and showing them that they are co-creators of this world. I raise my two-year-old daughter in this spirit, as she is my inspiration and my light.




I am a mom of a lovable little boy who makes me happy. During my studies in social work at the university, I had a chance to interact with children. I have also been responsible for dance groups for young people, worked in a children's group, and a maternity centre. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, and I am constantly striving to further educate myself through various teaching courses. Furthermore, I am a speech and language therapy assistant. When working with children, I try to incorporate dance, music, and art into my work. I follow the motto "Not only we teach the children, but the children teach us".

Adela Hanusova



I graduated from secondary school of pedagogy which I am now following up by studying the field of special education at university. So far I have gained practical experience both in kindergartens and school groups as well as in children's homes and day care centers. I worked not only with intact children but also with those who require a certain form of support. I see working with children as mutually enriching. They are a source of inspiration for me and I admire their immediacy. I love music, I am interested in psychology, I like to read books and spend time in nature, preferably with a dog by my side.

Nikola Holarová



Being a teacher has been my dream since childhood. I graduated from the high school of pedagogy in Karlovy Vary and my (self) education is definitely not over. It is very important to me that the children feel comfortable in my presence and that they are not afraid to say anything to me. Trust is key. I also want to guide children to treat themselves and their friends equally and not put other children down just because they are different in something. I enjoy working with children, and I see that as the biggest positive.



Native Speaker

My name is Victoria, and I'm from the UK. I have lived in Prague for almost 8 years and have spent many of that time working with children of all ages, teaching English and Art. My first experience with children was as a behavioural therapist for autistic children, which sparked my interest in communicating with children in general. I enjoy motivating children to express themselves through art, imagination, and playing, and encouraging them to take an interest in nature and the world around them.

Jitka Hadravová



I am the mother of an adult daughter, but the time when she was exploring the world as a child was the most beautiful. And that's why I've been working for the little ones for the seventh year and I'm happy among them. In my spare time I read, grow orchids, herbs at the cottage in the summer and wander in the forest.

Rehakova Mili



I have been taking care of children for six years, first I started by babysitting, then I started by leading clubs, then I founded and led a suburban camp with elements of speech therapy and experiential pedagogy. Teaching in a kindergarten is also a great experience for me. I am currently studying Speech Therapy at Charles University in association with Special Education, and I plan to continue with a master's degree and subsequent attestation. I see working with children as a mission, as something that fulfills and enriches me tremendously. Children are an inspiration to me in many ways. I try to create a speech therapy program for the child with empathy and so that they enjoy it as much as possible and gradually perceive the progress they are able to make. I trust my intuition and my appreciation is a child's smile after an activity or a new success. In speech therapy prevention, I pay attention to the principle of minimal action, short-term and feeling the child's point of attention so that the exercises are effective and fun.



School Psychologist

I have studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and worked in a private kindergarten. In addition I have an experience from a center for children with disabilities and autism. I also worked as a consultant at the Safety Line for Children. I established myself professionally as a school psychologist and psychotherapist for adults and adolescents. I focus on working with teachers because they are the key people who have a great influence on children and are for them great support and role model.